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Subtitle: Indonesia, English
Release Date: 17 July 2015 (China)
Genre: Comedy
Stars: Chengpeng Dong, Amber Kuo, Yan Liu
Quality: TS
Encoder: IMM@
(Google Translate) Idol Mirs (Dong Chengpeng ornaments) encounter an unexpected event, so that it fell into the bottom of life, girlfriend mining Jie (Amber Kuo ornaments) has left him, leaving assistant Dongcheng Long (Panbin Long ornaments) and confidante Liu Yan (Liu Yan ornaments) never betray him. Dapeng hasty movie contract signed, unable to do anything because of funding problems, also suffered gangsters Wong (Liang Chao decoration) threat. In desperation Dapeng only got a small star Du Xiaoxiao (袁姗姗 ornaments), group winners Tao (clothing Yunhe ornaments), paparazzi photographer mess (崔志佳 ornaments) to form a temporary crew, ready to shoot an all-star lineup large, and the recording mode is an unprecedented attempt, Deng Chao, Sandra Ng, Eric Tsang, northeast F4 other front-line big coffee can successfully starred in? Dapeng impasse will encounter what kind of difficulties?
人气偶像大鹏(董成鹏 饰)遭遇了意外事件,令其跌入人生谷底,女友采洁(郭采洁 饰)也离他而去,只剩助理董成龙(潘斌龙 饰)和红颜知己柳岩(柳岩 饰)对他不离不弃。大鹏草率签下电影合约,却因资金问题一筹莫展,还遭到了黑道大哥王老板(梁超 饰)的威胁。无奈之下大鹏只得找来小 明星杜潇潇(袁姗姗 饰)、群头马涛(衣云鹤 饰)、狗仔摄影师胡来(崔志佳 饰)组成一个临时摄制组,准备拍摄一部全明星阵容的大片,而拍摄方式也是前所未有的尝试,邓超、吴君如、曾志伟、东北F4等一线大咖能否顺利出演?逼入绝 境的大鹏将遭遇什么样的困难?

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